Collaborative Research Centre 604 - Multifunctional Signalling Proteins

Multifunktionelle Signalproteins - Oligomere Proteinkomplexe als Mediatoren zellulärer Regulationsprozesse

The research programme of the Collaborative Research Centre "Multifunctional Signalling Proteins - Oligomeric Protein Complexes as Mediators of Cellular Regulation Processes" (Sonderforschungsbereich 604 - SFB604) located in Jena, Thuringia, was initiated by increasing evidence for multiple regulatory functions of intracellular signalling proteins. Using biochemical approaches and biophysical techniques of cell biology, the SFB consortium investigates signalling reactions of selected regulatory proteins in correlation with the concomitant functional pattern of cells in a physiological and pathological states. As a conceptual platform the SFB follows the idea of differential reactions of signalling proteins as the basis for multiple regulatory activities. Using the heuristic potential of this working hypothesis the SFB aims to contribute to the perception of complex signalling reactions in cells and organisms.

Project groups of the SFB604 have been compiled in three project areas.

Project Area A
From Cells to Molecules
Project Area B
From Molecules to Cells
Project Area C
From Cells to the Organism